From lazy to gainz-crazy! Get excited about your workouts

Did you know that health and fitness app usage grew 330% in just 3 years?

All of America is jumping on the fitness train!

The question is, will you be on it?

There are obvious benefits of working out, like taking care of your body.

Strengthening your heart.

Losing weight.

And feeling great!

It’s time to get excited about working out- and we’re going to show you how.


Change the Scenery

people_watching_tvDo you like gaming? Is there an awesome Xbox 1 taking up your free time?

Or maybe you are one of the 117.6 million Netflix subscribers on this planet?

Trust me, we all know how beautifully unhealthy it is to binge-watch Stranger Things.

But there is something about fresh air and sunshine that just makes your day amazing.

And it’s great for your body and mind.

Swap the dark living room for the great outdoors!

According to Everyday Health, exercising outdoors brings multiple benefits.

Your workout is exciting!

The outdoors bring unknown elements like different terrain, change in weather, and change in atmosphere

It’s free!

Exercising outdoors requires no gym membership nor fees, minimizing the amount of excuses you can give yourself.

It holds your daily take of Vitamin D!

Vitamins are important, and as long as you’re safe and not getting too much, the good ol’ VD is great for your body.

Don’t forget to track where, how fast, and how many calories you’re burning with the Garmin Forerunner!

Having a motivating tool like the Garmin watch will push you to make that next step.

Keep it fun, in the sun, and you will love your outdoor workouts!


Give Yourself a Deadline

The light at the end of the tunnel- A date when you can stop working out!

According to, they say six weeks is the magic number to start seeing results.calendar_deadline

At the end of six weeks, you’ve also made working out a habit.

You’ll start to notice the slow and groggy days when you miss your workouts.

And you’ll notice how much better you feel when you complete them.

By giving yourself a date, you are committing to those weeks to see the best results possible.

And by the time you actually reach the date, more than likely you’re not going to want to stop.

Tricky, huh?

Having successful workouts is all about the mind and body.

It takes two to tango!

By giving yourself only six weeks, it will keep you happy and motivated to complete your scheduled workouts.

Then, just magically, it becomes your lifestyle.

Start with a date. End with a new perspective on life and fitness!


Start Early

I lost you there, didn’t I?

early_morningDon’t knock it till you try it!

Exercising at the start of your day reaps all sorts of benefits.

One, you won’t have to dread the after-work workout when all you want to do is rest your feet.

Two, you feel accomplished, healthy, and ready to knock out your day, all before 8am.

Three, water does wonders for your body! Drinking lots of water during and after your workouts will replenish you and have you ready to charge ahead.

Start your weekend with a 5am wake up call and tackle one of your favorite mountains and trails!

Early mornings are great for a scenic hike.

And an awesome time to check out the local animals!

Ready for more than just a one-day hike?

There are beautiful national forests and parks that you can spend 2+ days hiking.morning_hike

Don’t forget to pack all the essentials you will need, including food, water, and snacks.

Need a great backpacking pack? Check out our 30L Mud Color Sport Hiking Bag.

It will hold all the essentials to make your backpacking trip amazing.

Start early, start refreshed, and start your routine.

Your mind and body will be ready to take on any challenges you face!


It all starts with YOU!

They say the first workout is the hardest.

But really, it’s the second workout that’s the most difficult to reach.

Stay dedicated, stay motivated, and stay excited!

Changing your life and health for the better is the best thing you can do for you and for your family.

But it all starts with the choices you make!

Start today.

Set your date for six weeks from now.

Get outside and start your workouts.

They’re are never regrets for bettering your life!


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