No makeup makeup look checklist

Quarantine has limited social activities, but that’s no reason not to look your best. Try out some of these makeup sets to perfect the “no makeup” makeup look.

SHANY Slim Eyeliner Pencil Set
This case of 24 highly-pigmented and long-lasting eye pencils in matte and metallic finishes is sure to bring you a huge bang for your buck. With such a variety of cruelty-free options, you’ll have all of your needs covered for any event.

SHANY Loving Coral Lipstick Set
Long-lasting and moisturizing, these 10 classic and vibrant lip shades will be sure to turn heads. Purchase one now - they’re perfect for the spring and summer months. Bright is in - don’t be afraid to stand out. We’re cruelty-free!

SHANY (Not So) Sweet Sixteen Creme Lipstick Set
These smooth, highly pigmented lip shades truly have staying power. Whether you want red, purple, orange, or nude pinks, keep people guessing with one of these sixteen shades that will liven up any outfit and tell the world you’re ready to take it on. We’re cruelty-free!

SHANY EYE & LIP Primer/Base
This waterproof eye and lip primer is your go-to solution to make your makeup stay right where it’s supposed to. Both paraben-free and talc-free, you can be sure this primer will keep your makeup in place while also ensuring that your body is free of any harmful chemicals. Cruelty-free, guaranteed!

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Everyday Habits for Stronger, Healthier Hair

Ever stare enviously at another person’s gorgeous, healthy locks as you try to adjust your bad-hair-day bun? We’ve all been there. The secret to good hair is not that complicated, actually. All you need is a basic haircare routine made up of these simple daily habits.

  • Let your hair down, literally. How often do you put your hair up in a ponytail or a bun? Or in that cute braided updo? Sure, keeping your hair out of the way is convenient but it also results in unnecessary pulling on the hair shaft, which results in breakage and falling hair. Dermatologists recommend ‘going natural’ during the weekends to give your hair some stress relief. So, come each Saturday, let your hair down, air-dry, and avoid using heated styling products.
  • Load up on protein. Hair is just pretty much keratinized protein. Eating high amounts of protein ensures that your hair gets a dose of the nutrient; after all, your body distributes your protein intake to your vital organs first. Chicken, beef, eggs, and seafood are all excellent sources of protein. Vegetarian? Don’t worry; you can get your protein from beans, quinoa, tofu, and eggs.
  • Give your hair some heat protection. If you really can’t go a day without your straightening or curling iron or blow-dryer, the least you can do is to protect your hair against the harsh heat from these styling tools. Use a protective spray like this CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray before going for your hair iron. You can also use a cooler setting and lower velocity while blow-drying your hair. It’ll take more time, but your hair will thank you for it.
  • Wash your hair with cool water. Bad news for hot shower enthusiasts. Your hair doesn’t really like getting subjected to intense heat. Hot water tends to leave hair dull and dry. Rinsing your hair with cool water is much healthier for your hair, as cool water seals up the hair cuticle and locks in moisture.
  • Trim away. It seems counter-intuitive to cut your hair when you’re trying to keep it strong and healthy, but regular trims ensure that split ends don’t make their way up the hair strands. You’d have to get a shorter haircut to fix that. Hairstylists also recommend getting trims every eight weeks if you regularly find split ends in your hair.

Getting stronger, healthier hair is easy! With these daily habits, you can expect to have a glorious head of hair in no time. Check out our Hair Care section at for more hair-friendly items!

Music Makes You Exercise Better – Science Says So!

Ever wonder why working out seems almost more enjoyable when you’re listening to music? Well, science has an answer to that. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, music can boost your performance when you work out and make you think that the activity is easier.

Music also helps you coordinate your exercise routine. That means you can use the varying tempo of different songs to set the mood for different types of workouts.

For instance, look for songs with 100 to 110 beats per minute (BPM) for when you’re warming up. Go for a slightly higher BPM for strength exercises (110 to 120 BPM) and speed, endurance, and agility workouts (higher than120 BPM). Once you’re cooling down and stretching, switch to songs with 90 to 100 beats per minute.

You may also get a little boost of energy from songs with lyrics like ‘punch’ or ‘push’. You can make a playlist for the perfect songs for your workout and just plug your headphones in once you’re at the gym. Whatever your musical tastes, chances are you’ll find a lot of BPM-appropriate songs if you do a little online research.

Whether you’re out for a run around your neighborhood, doing strength training at the gym, or even just power-walking your way up and down the street, make sure you’ve got some tunes handy.

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