No makeup makeup look checklist

Quarantine has limited social activities, but that’s no reason not to look your best. Try out some of these makeup sets to perfect the “no makeup” makeup look.

SHANY Slim Eyeliner Pencil Set
This case of 24 highly-pigmented and long-lasting eye pencils in matte and metallic finishes is sure to bring you a huge bang for your buck. With such a variety of cruelty-free options, you’ll have all of your needs covered for any event.

SHANY Loving Coral Lipstick Set
Long-lasting and moisturizing, these 10 classic and vibrant lip shades will be sure to turn heads. Purchase one now - they’re perfect for the spring and summer months. Bright is in - don’t be afraid to stand out. We’re cruelty-free!

SHANY (Not So) Sweet Sixteen Creme Lipstick Set
These smooth, highly pigmented lip shades truly have staying power. Whether you want red, purple, orange, or nude pinks, keep people guessing with one of these sixteen shades that will liven up any outfit and tell the world you’re ready to take it on. We’re cruelty-free!

SHANY EYE & LIP Primer/Base
This waterproof eye and lip primer is your go-to solution to make your makeup stay right where it’s supposed to. Both paraben-free and talc-free, you can be sure this primer will keep your makeup in place while also ensuring that your body is free of any harmful chemicals. Cruelty-free, guaranteed!

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