How to Make the Perfect Mug of K-Cup Coffee

Believe it or not, coffee made from K-cups doesn’t automatically have to suck. If you find that your K-cup coffee is seriously lacking that kick you need on early mornings and sleepy afternoons, here are some quick hacks you’ll want to try out.

  • Add some salt to your coffee. A pinch of salt (literally just a pinch) can be just the thing to balance the excessive bitterness that sometimes comes with a cup of Keurig joe. The salt creates a chemical reaction that softens the acidity of the coffee. You’ll notice the smoother taste when you take a sip of your salt-seasoned coffee.
  • Use two K-cups for one cup of coffee. Double up on your K-cups to get that mug of perfectly strong, invigorating coffee. Use two K-cups and the lowest water setting for your cup. This may turn out to be a little expensive in the long run, but, hey, excellent coffee’s worth it, right?
  • Brew your own beans. Take your K-cup coffee to the next level by brewing your own beans in your Keurig. There are many K-cup reusable filters available online; just take your pick and fill it up with the freshly ground beans of your choice. Press the button and you’ll have a cup of strong, delicious coffee in a matter of minutes.
  • Fill your machine with filtered or distilled water. By using filtered water, you can make sure that chlorine, sulfur, and iron don’t get anywhere near the insides of your machine and affect the taste of your coffee. The same goes for distilled water, which contains only trace amount of minerals. Filtered or distilled water can also help your Keurig machine last longer.
  • Clean your machine. Sometimes, your K-cup coffee comes out tasting funky because of the nasty bacteria buildup in your Keurig machine. Make it a habit to regularly clean your machine. Fill its chamber entirely with white vinegar and let the vinegar run through the machine until it runs out. Then, let some distilled or filtered water run through your Keurig machine to get rid of the sour flavor.

If all these tips fail to improve your K-cup coffee, it may be time to retire your Keurig machine and get a new one. Check out MassGenie and join a Power Deal on the Mixpresso K Cup Coffee Maker, and you just might get a 35% discount!