Music Makes You Exercise Better – Science Says So!

Ever wonder why working out seems almost more enjoyable when you’re listening to music? Well, science has an answer to that. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, music can boost your performance when you work out and make you think that the activity is easier.

Music also helps you coordinate your exercise routine. That means you can use the varying tempo of different songs to set the mood for different types of workouts.

For instance, look for songs with 100 to 110 beats per minute (BPM) for when you’re warming up. Go for a slightly higher BPM for strength exercises (110 to 120 BPM) and speed, endurance, and agility workouts (higher than120 BPM). Once you’re cooling down and stretching, switch to songs with 90 to 100 beats per minute.

You may also get a little boost of energy from songs with lyrics like ‘punch’ or ‘push’. You can make a playlist for the perfect songs for your workout and just plug your headphones in once you’re at the gym. Whatever your musical tastes, chances are you’ll find a lot of BPM-appropriate songs if you do a little online research.

Whether you’re out for a run around your neighborhood, doing strength training at the gym, or even just power-walking your way up and down the street, make sure you’ve got some tunes handy.

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