How to Host the Ultimate May the Fourth Party

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Happy May the Fourth! What better time to embrace your inner Princess Leia (or Luke Skywalker or Han Solo) than on Star Wars Day? The good news is you have just enough time to put together an awesome May the Fourth party. Here are some easy pointers on throwing a May the Fourth party that everyone will enjoy.

  • Get your house in the Star Wars spirit. Nothing sets the mood for May the Fourth like Star Wars-inspired décor. There are a lot of Star Wars DIY party decorations floating around online – like paper lightsabers, C3PO and R2D2 cut-out banners, and BB-8-inspired paper lanterns– so get busy crafting!
  • Set up an awesome snack table. It’s pretty easy to set up a Star Wars-themed snack table. Grab some pretzel sticks and coat them in melted candy wafers, and, voilà – you’ve got lightsaber pretzel sticks. Wookie cookies, Stormtrooper marshmallow pops, even a nice Death Star cake – the possibilities are endless. Make a big batch of Yoda soda and Aunt Beru’s blue milk so your guests can wash it all down.
  • Dress up for the occasion. A May the Fourth party wouldn’t be complete without costumes. Bring out that old Star Wars Halloween costume or even your favorite Star Wars-inspired shirt. Make Princess Leia’s iconic hair buns with sock buns or lengths of brown yarn. You can also show some love for your favorite Jedi master by dressing in a green shirt and sporting some pointy felt ears.
  • Plan some fun games. While watching your favorite trilogy (original, prequel, or sequel) might seem like the obvious choice, why not add a little life to your May the Fourth party with some games? A trivia game will get everyone’s competitive spirit up and finally decide who the biggest Star Wars geek is among your friends. Lightsaber limbo is also a great way to keep everyone in the party spirit. Have lots of fun, you will.
  • Pass on the Star Wars love. Yoda knew what he was talking about when he said, “Always pass on what you have learned.” A May the Fourth party is the perfect way to make padawans out of kids or even friends who aren’t exactly feeling The Force.

With these tips, you’re sure to have a May the Fourth party just as lively as Mos Eisley’s cantina. Need some help for your party? Check out our Home and Garden collection on for some items you might need.