How Power Deals Work

At, there’s one thing you can get that you won’t find anywhere else: the Power Deal. Power Deals are time-limited, usually deeply discounted offers of items on the MassGenie catalog. You can join any active Power Deal at or even create your own Power Deal for the item you want.

Once you join or create a Power Deal – the fun begins. It’s now up to you to help the Power Deal succeed by getting other shoppers to join. You can share the Power Deal to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and even good, old-fashioned email. Think of it as an ultra-modern version of shopping with your friends. (This might even be more fun because you can do your shopping in your PJs.)

When more shoppers join the Power Deal, MassGenie sellers are encouraged to join, each offering lower prices for the item. The price drops even further as more sellers and shoppers join. When the Power Deal expires, the lowest prices are awarded to shoppers who joined the deal first. That could be you and your friends, provided you joined the Power Deal in time.

And when things don’t go your way, like when not enough shoppers join or no sellers were interested in the deal, don’t worry. You can always join/create another Power Deal and try again. We’re giving you unlimited chances to win the lowest prices for the items you want.

Exciting, right? Now’s the perfect time to head over to MassGenie and join or create your first Power Deal! Want more info on Power Deals and how they work? Click here for some FAQs and other useful information.